Diana Jo Godbout

The artwork of Diana Jo Godbout will be on display at the Jenison Meacham Memorial Arts Center, 1179 Taylor Ave. just north of Belmond beginning Sunday, July 15 through August 12.

Diana is an abstract artist who primarily uses acrylics or mixed media. She enjoys creating texture on canvas either with paint or other items. She studied studio and art history at Blackburn College in Illinois and the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico. After graduation, she worked with the Japanese artist Sachio Yamashita.

Diana is a retired elementary and art teacher from Dolton School District 148, currently working as an artist in residence at Penny Lane Preschools where she repairs old murals and creates new ones. She was an artist in residence at Cornerstone Gallery for over ten years and has exhibited at Moraine Valley and Jefferson Loft.

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